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Getting bored? Tips to fill time in public transport usefully

When you have to travel on public transport for a long time, it happens more often than not that you start to get bored. Everyone is in their own bubble, scrolling through social media or watching Netflix. You actually want to do something too but find scrolling away your time is also such a waste. In this blog, we have some tips to make sure you will no longer be bored on public transport while doing something useful.

Listen to an informative podcast

Surely the chance to learn something in a simple, effective way is to listen to a podcast. There are a host of apps these days that you can download onto your mobile phone that allow you to listen to audio episodes, and podcasts come in all forms. Are you currently working for a boss but have actually been wanting to start your own business for years? Then listen to a podcast of entrepreneurs explaining how they went about it and what to look out for. Have you wanted to know about nutrition or exercise for a long time? There are countless good podcasts on these too. Whatever topic you are interested in, there is guaranteed to be a podcast online that will broaden your knowledge.

Learn through a documentary, lecture or TED talk

Besides listening to a podcast, you can also watch a documentary or lecture online. On YouTube as well as Netflix and other channels, you can find many different documentaries, TED talks and lectures. Maybe your favourite writer gave a talk or maybe you have always wanted to know more about the environment or wildlife. You can find documentaries, TED talks or lectures on an awful lot of subjects.

Read a book of your choice

It might be a bit old-fashioned but reading books gives you not only relaxation, but also a lot of knowledge. Especially in the field of self-development, books are becoming increasingly popular again these days. Want to step out of your comfort zone and really get to know yourself better? Then take the quiet moments you have on public transport or at home before going to bed to delve into yourself. If you don't feel the need to engage in self-development, you can of course read an exciting novel or thriller, or just an informative book on a subject that piques your interest.

Invest in crypto

Another option you have to make yourself useful in the minutes when time is ticking away is trading cryptocurrency. This relatively new way of investing can be very profitable. Buying and selling is completely digital and therefore offers you the option of doing it comfortably from the train on your phone or laptop. More and more people are investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other coins with the expectation that these coins will become worth more money over time. A widely used platform to trade crypto on. It is a secure and reliable environment. In any case, discovering and investing in the coins is a useful and perhaps even quite profitable use of time.

The 2021 Gambling Act

You may have already heard about it, but since April this year, a new Gambling Act has been active in the Netherlands. This law is not only for players, but also for licensees and operators. From April 2021, you can apply for a licence if you offer online services as an online gaming operator. But how exactly does that work?

A licence for online services

The moment you have applied for a licence as an online provider, the Gaming Authority will review it. The casino will also be assessed to determine whether it does meet the various requirements. One of these requirements is that the casino must contribute to the prevention of gambling addiction.

Once your application has been approved by the Gaming Authority, from October it will be legal to operate games of chance at your casino or, if you are a bookmaker, at your premises when you hold a licence.

What are the rules for players?

As players, it is possible to sign up to the Cruks register. This register lists players who have a gambling addiction. This way, it is no longer possible for them to participate in gambling. There is also the possibility for the casino to sign a player up for this register.

For online gamblers, the new law especially offers more prospects. This is because the Gambling Act ensures that they will have more opportunities to gamble. In addition, they will also be much better protected when gambling through a provider that has a Ksa licence.

Online gambling, what is possible?

So thanks to this new law, from October 2022 it will also be possible to gamble online on Dutch websites, something that was not possible before. So there will be more online places to play within the entire EU and it will also be legal to bet on sports. Think of horse races for example, these are mainly held in England and France and therefore it was not possible for Dutch people to participate. So this will be possible from October onwards. You can always play the best free slots without any problems.

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