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A Metro Atlanta 13-year-old is responsible for one of America's best vegan dogs

As the nation celebrates the Fourth of July, PETA released its list of the Top 10 Vegan Hot Dogs of 2019. And nabbing the No. 5 spot is Atlanta’s own Mason’s Super Dogs - a hot dog stand owned and operated by 13-year-old Mason Wright.


Pre-Teen Entrepreneur Takes His Hot Dog Business To Morehouse College

“There’s nothing like being in charge of your own destiny,” says Mason Wright, CEO, Mason’s Super Dogs.


How a 13-year-old launched a popular Atlanta hot dog stand

Like many middle-schoolers, Mason Wright is into video games and science. But one particular after-school activity sets Wright apart from his peers. For more than two years, the 13-year-old from Lithonia has operated a street vending hot dog stand, Mason’s Super Dogs, which specializes in handcrafted hot dogs


Mason’s Super Dogs’ Vegan Hot Dog Wins PETA Top 10 Spot

Atlanta – As people gear up to celebrate the Fourth of July, PETA is releasing its list of the Top 10 Vegan Hot Dogs of 2019 for revelers to enjoy at restaurants across the country over the holiday—and Mason’s Super Dogs‘ Vegan Hot Dog has nabbed a spot on the list. The award-winning dish from 13-year-old hot dog stand proprietor Mason Wright is topped with pineapple relish, onions, and chopped peppers and served on a classic American bun.

Mason Wright opened His Own Restaurant & The Line Is Already Out The Door

Mason has been an entrepreneur since he was just 9 years old when he started his business out of a hot dog cart. 

Now, at the young age of 14, Mason just opened his very own restaurant, Mason’s Super Dogs

Robert Downey Jr. Shocks 14-Year-Old Superhero-Themed Hot Dog Cart Owner with a Heartfelt Message

Mason Wright, the youngest restaurant owner in Georgia who runs a successful hot dog business, Mason's Super Dogs, is stunned to receive a surprise message from his favorite superhero, Robert Downey Jr. after Drew gifts him with $5,000 from Restaurant Depot!

‘I Was Stumbling On My Words’: 14-Year-Old Entrepreneur Went from Bombing ‘Shark Tank’ Presentation to Selling Out His Hot Dogs In First Week After Launching

Mason Wright, a 14-year-old entrepreneur who reportedly is Georgia’s youngest restaurant owner, says he’s settling in at his new business, the hot dog joint he operates. On Oct. 17, the entrepreneur hosted the grand opening of Mason’s Super Dogs, located in Stonecrest, a part of metropolitan Atlanta. Within the first week, he’d already sold out of his hot dogs, twice.
“It feels fulfilling, like when you walk for a long time and you finally get to your destination,” Wright said of his achievement.

EVERY Christmas Mason gives away toys. He has been doing this for the past 3 years.

Spreading Christmas cheer for everybody. As a way to give back and show appreciation, Mason has been giving away toys for kids during Christmas, since the opening of the restaurant. 

Meet ‘Georgia’s Youngest Business Owner’ Mason’s Super Dogs

Mason Wright is Georgia’s youngest business owner. First selling hot dogs to Morehouse College students, this 15-year-old moved from a hotdog cart, to a food truck, to now a 200-square foot, superhero-themed restaurant called Mason’s Super Dogs.

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